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    Digital Consultation

    All aspects of your digital landscape

    Social Media Strategy

    Define and grow your engagement


     Blogs, Articles, Press releases, Product reviews and more

    Social Media Posts

    Research, Sourcing and scheduling of posts

    Graphic Design

    Logo's, Flyers, Posters and more

    Online Research

    Let me gather a summary and links for you

    Lead Generation

    Need more contacts in your database?

    Remote IT Support 

    Technical support from the comfort of your home or office


    1 on 1 Sessions to help you better navigate the web

    Overnight Data Processing

    Got to shovel information quickly? 

    Website Design

    Basic Wordpress Site - 5 Pages / 48 Hours turnaround time

    Ad Management

    Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Affiliate Programmes

    Marketing Automation

    Let the bots do the work

    Growth Hacking

    A bootstrapped approach to building your empire

  • What Clients Have Said

    "Thanks for all your infinite patience with me.  I do so appreciate all that you have done for me to start up this business." - Martello

    "I am happy to go with them, they are excellent.. well done!!" - Clyde

    "Michiel is an intelligent, creative, enthusiastic and extremely competent individual in the area of providing technical solutions and support within the area of 'IT administration'. He thinks out of the box and enjoys challenges. He keeps his promises and adds real value." - Roy

    "Great work all round!" - Adin

    "Great work though. Plain and simple." - Jules


    Send me detailed task request and I will send options on pricing within 24 hours. 

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    Timezones can be confusing for remote work, so this should clear it up a bit.

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